A Review on Current Control Techniques for Inverter for Three Phase Grid Connected Renewable Sources

Amit Kumar Giri, Riya Paul, P.C. Panda

Current Control Using Artificial Neural Network for SPV Grid Connected System

Subash Chandra Sahoo

Development and Application of Web-based Software ESPT to Predict the Performance of Engineering Students

Radheshyam H. Gajghat, Dr. Chandrahas C. Handa, Rakesh L. Himte

An Efficient Ranking Based Fraud Detection Method Based on Ranking, Rating and Review

D. Janet

Dynamic Facial Expression Detection Using Eigen Face Algorithm

Rama Das, Ekta Tamrakar

Analysis of Active Power Filter for Harmonic Mitigation in a Distributed Power Generation System

Riya Paul, Amit Kumar Giri, Dr. Sarat Chandra Swain

Comparison of Evolutionary Optimization Techniques for Unconstrained Continuous Optimization  Problems

Joji Thomas,Ganpatlal rakesh ,S. S. Mahapatra

Optimal Placement of Statcom Using IEEE 5 Bus System   

Payal Roy, Saumya Singh

The Effect of Micro and Nano-Lubrication on Tribological Properties of Sliding Pairs

Jitendra Patra, Avijit Kumar Bhakat, Mrinal Kanti Manik

Multiple Movable Sink for Dynamic Wireless Sensor Network: A Survey

Neha Soni

Current Controller for SPV Grid Interconnection

Sridhar Burla, Muna Biswal

Performance of Aerodynamic Characteristics on different shapes of  NACA Aerofoil

Diksha Singh, M K Manik, P. Srinivasa Rao, Ali Hassan Ansari

A Technique for Monitoring the PC Based Overhead Crane with RF Controller System

Kajal Verma

Symmetrical Fault Analysis of Wind Generator under Heavy Load Condition

Pramod Kumar Baghmar , Prashant Bawaney , Devendra Sahu

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