Welcome to the Christian College of Engineering & Technology (CCET) website

The Christian College of Engineering and Technology functions under the aegis of the St.Thomas Mission of the Malankara Orthodox Church, which operates more than two dozen schools and colleges in Central and Eastern India. As you read through the pages of this site, you will learn about our wonderful students, our staff and get a feel for the vibrancy and strength of our wider CCET family.

Our College was established in 1998 and has experienced strong growth with a current student population of over 1200. The College has a wide range of specialist facilities and resources and is committed to the achievement of quality learning outcomes. The college has a long tradition of educating students – with a continued focus on academic excellence underpinned by strong pastoral care and a rich co-curricular programme across visual and performing arts, cultural activities and wide range of sports.

Choosing a college can be one of the most challenging and difficult decisions a parent needs to make, as it really is an investment in your children’s future. I would encourage each and every parent to look for the college that best suits the needs and interests of their daughter/son. A college should offer an abundance of opportunities for students to explore experience, learn and find their strengths and to become the very best person they can.

We describe ourselves as a learning community because we believe that we are all learners – teachers, students and parents – learning from and with each other. We describe ourselves as a community in which parents, teachers and support staff work in partnership with each other to advance the learning and growth of the students.

We are committed to focus on the needs of each individual student and aim to nurture each student and ensure their journey at CCET is a successful and life-enhancing experience. When you join us, we will invest time in you! We will give you all the support and encouragement you need to achieve the success you deserve and to create the future you want for yourself. We’ll treat you with respect, take your views seriously and encourage you to be creative, make new friends and contribute to the wider community.

Of course, this website cannot take the place of visiting our College; I warmly welcome you to visit our college in our annual college day , foundation day or any other day and discover firsthand what makes a Christian College education so special.

Warm regards,
Dr. (Mrs.) Dipali Soren