Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

PEOs are created under the following five broad categories (*shown in blue color):

  1. To pursue advanced education, research and development, and other creative and innovative efforts in science, engineering as well as other professional careers. (Employment/Higher studies)
  2. To analyze the real life problems with industrial visits, vocational trainings and guest lectures covering different practical aspects of mechanical engineering. (Discipline knowledge)
  3. To organize various technical events and exhibitions to provide the students to get expertise in designing and analyzing various mechanical engineering systems. (Breadth – ‘T’ Shaped Engineer)
  4. To Capability to function ethically in professional mechanical engineering roles and exhibit good competency in their work culture. (Professionalism 3 Ps Professional value-knowledge-development)
  5. To motivate students for continuous adoption of various methods of engineering to carry out real life problems, which will uplift the society in large. (Life long learning /Social)

*The concept of the T-shaped professional refers to individuals with both depth and breadth of knowledge.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO)

The PSO developed for the Mechanical Engineering Department are as follows:

PSO1: The student will be able to apply the knowledge of Mathematics, Sciences and engineering fundamentals to formulate, analyse and provide solutions to the problems related to Mechanical engineering and communicate them effectively to the concerned.

PSO2: The student will be able to Design mechanical systems in various fields such as machine elements, thermal, manufacturing, industrial and inter-disciplinary fields by using various engineering/technological tools to meet the volatile needs of the industry and society at large.