The first year of college is trying for many students; new responsibilities and expectations can be overwhelming. Students first go through a separation stage in which they move away from their home environment. Although this can be quite traumatic for students, most eventually are able to move to the second stage, transition. During this stage students are torn between their old environment and the new one; they may not feel they belong in their old environments but have yet to find their places in the new one. Finally students move into incorporation when they have achieved full membership into the social and academic communities of the institution.

Orientation class organised by CCET at the beginning of the year introduces students to different campus organizations and educates these entering students regarding their rights and obligations in the college environment. It also acquaints the students with the syllabus and the examination and evaluation patterns.

The entire first year team strives to create an enabling environment through provision of essential services and facilities for academic excellence. To achieve this, a series of Assignments, Daily Tests, Projects, Class Tests and Pre University Examinations are conducted.

Our aim as an institution of professional learning is not only to impart knowledge to students, but also to mould them into an all round citizen able to articulate issues and make critical decisions when faced with challenges.