PEO1. To develop skills and proficiency in core areas of Electrical and related multidisciplinary engineering fundamentals.

PEO2. To educate students to have in-depth knowledge through laboratory-based teaching- learning process in professional areas of Electrical Engineering.

PEO3. To motivate the students to become successful practitioners in Electrical industries and/or to be ready for entrepreneurship keeping in view of the global and national status of technology.

PEO4. To promote professionals with quality of leadership, values, and social commitment towards environment friendly utilization of electrical energy.


The PSO developed for the Electrical Engineering Department are as follows:

PSO-1: Fundamental knowledge of mathematics, basic sciences and computation in problems related to electrical engineering.

PSO-2: Knowledge of electrical machines, power electronics and control systems in real-life situations in industries

PSO3: Knowledge of generation, efficient transmission and distribution of electric power with special reference to non-conventional and renewable energy resources.