Carpet Area   (Sq.m) Major Equipments Available
138 Geneva Drive Mechanism ,Cat No.9179
Paulo & Rack Mechanism Cat No. 9180
Reciprocating Engine, Cat.No.9182a
Quick Return Mechanism, Cat.No9182c
Oscillating Cylinder Engine Mechanism, Cat.No.9182b
4-Bar Chain, Cat No.9183
Scotch Yoke Mechanism, Cat.No.9184
Pantograph Mechanism,Cat.No.9188
Peaucellier mechanism, Cat.No.9187
Oldham’s Coupling, Cat.No.9260
Three Stage Spur Gear,Cat.No.9154
Single Stage Spiral Gear Assembly,Cat.No.9157
Single Stage Helical Gear Assembly,Cat.No.9156
Single Stage Herringbone Gear Assembly,Cat.No.9160
Rack & Pinion Assembly ,Cat.No 9165
Single Stage Bevel Gear Assembly,Cat.No.9155
Set of Elliptic Gear Train,Cat.No.9167
Single Stage Internal Gear Assembly,Cat.No.9172
Static and Dynamic Balancing Apparatus