A Review on Fabrication of Polymer/ZnO Nanowires Hetero-junction Based Light Emitting Diode by Wet Chemistry Method

Kanchana Shahi, R S Singh, Ajaya Kumar Singh

Mutual Authentication in Cloud System using Two Level Security with One Time Password

Sitendra Tamrakar, Kapil Dev Raghuwanshi

A Justificative Study of the Colorimetric and AAS method for the Adsorbent Gold Nanoparticles Encapsulated Alginate Microspheres applied for Remediation of Toxic Metals in the Aqueous Solutions

Barna Paul and Alka Tiwari

Energy Optimization in Clustering for Wireless Sensor Networks
Using Firefly Algorithm

Yogesh Tamrakar

A Review: Security of IOT Based Healthcare System 

Kiran Dewangan, Mina Mishra

A Methodology for the Improvement of Write-Ahead Logging 

Abhishek Jain

Multiple Object Detection, Tracking and Classification for Smart Video Surveillance 

Sanjivani Shantaiya

The Effect of Classical Algorithms on Artificial Intelligence 

Shumali Gupta

Execution and Performance Evaluation of Different Noise Cancellation Techniques 

Shruti Bhargava , Abhishek Choubey

Innovative Trends in Digital Signal Processing 

Dolly Reney

Substitution Technique Based Noble Approach Towards Base64 Crypting System Incorporating Rail Fence Cipher

Ujjwal Barman, Suchismita Gupta, Sudipta Sahana

Various MPPT Techniques for Solar PV Module- A Survey & Analysis

Nagendra Singh, Mukesh K Kumawat

Study of Turbulence Within Constriction in Cohesive Sediment Bed

M K Manik, K Debnath, A Malviya, Ali Hassan Ansari

Topological Optimization of Femur Bone Prosthesis Design

Felix Paul Soju, Sanjay Gupta, Ram Krishna Rathore

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