Study of Solar Powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to Detect Greenhouse Gases by Using Wireless Sensor Network Technology

A.S.J Hamilton, A. Hyils Sharon Magdalene

Enhance Congestion Control Multipath routing with ANT Optimization in Mobile Ad hoc Network

Shanti Rathore, Dr. M. R. Khan

Waste Water Treatment by Plasma Electrolysis

Dr Rajeshwar Singh                                                                                                                                              

Numerical Investigation Using Mathematical Model for Calculation of Energy Saving Potential of Different Insulation Material

Mayank J. Shah, Mukul Shrivastava, Balkrushna A. Shah, Absar M. Lakdawala

Review On Chaotic Ciphers And Its Analysis

Mina Mishra

Simple Optimization (SOPT) for Nonlinear Constrained Optimization Problem

Vivek Kumar Chouhan, Joji Thomas, S. S. Mahapatra

Wireless Charging System Using FSK for Bidirectional Communication

Jai Prakash Sarwa , Lumesh Kumar Sahu. , B.Sridhar

Piezoelectric Transformers to the Future   Integrated IGBT Gate Drivers

Nagendra Singh, Mukesh Kumar Kumawat

Comparision Between Mealy and Moore Using Automated Machine

Ritika Kalihari

Effects on Power System Stability Due To Integration Of Distributed Generation

Manoj Kumar Nigam, Saumya Singh, Christeena Francis

Detection of Forgery – A Survey

Indranil Sarkar, Sukanya Banerjee                    

Analysis Of Transient Stability in  Six Phase Transmission Line Power System

Pramod Kumar Baghmar, Ashish Dewangan, Payal Roy

Detection of Error & Life Prediction Of Corrode Metal Plate Using Ultrasonic Inspection Technique

Sheetal Kumar Dewangan

Analysis of Spectrum Sensing Data Falsification (SSDF) Attack In Cognitive Radio Networks: A Survey

Hyils Sharon Magdalene, Dr. L. Thulasimani

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