Carpet Area   (Sq.m.) Major Equipments Available
74.32 Stuffing Box, Cat No.10196
Cross Head ,Cat No.10197
Steam Stop Valve-Lever Type Cat No.10131
Steam Stop Valve – Spring Loaded Type Cat No.10132
Dead Weight safety Valve, CatNo.10133
Drop Valve ,Cat No.10174
Steam Injector,Cat No.10145
Blow -Off cock
Fuisible Plug Cat.No.10151
Lancashire Boiler, Cat.No.10110
Model Of Cornish Boiler
Model Of Locomotive Boiler
Model Of Vertical Water tuber  Boiler
Petrol Engine 2 Stroke
Petrol Engine 4 Stroke
Disel Engine 2 Stroke
Disel Engine 4  Stroke
Cochran boiler
Babcock Wilcox Boiler
Steam Injector
Anti Priming Pipe
Pressure Gauge
Super  Heater
Steam Engine with Boiler